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Lost Peugeot Car Keys

Replacement Peugeot Keys

Peugeot Auto LocksmithPeugeots are a great family of cars that reveal strength and character. Their security is also reliable that is why you will find it hard to simply open your car through force when you can’t find the keys. When processing new keys for you, there are diverse approaches to the attainment of working keys. But that will depend on the age of your car and that is the mechanism used during the time of manufacture. Below are the three stages of making new Peugeot car keys:

  • For the old-style car keys as well as the laser remote control flip key, a new blade should be carefully selected and cut to precision for it fit and in the ignition or unlock the doors. That can be made possible with high tech tools and the right hands on the job.
  • For transponder keys, the key to be replaced must be electronically ‘paired to your car in order for the ECU to recognize it once the key is fitted in the ignition. 
  • Remote fobs require to be synced to your Peugeot for the central locking system to operate as required.

Ideally, the engineer will need the pin code that was issued with the vehicle when performing key programming. That code can be found with your car paperwork. We can request a new code from your dealer right in your locality, whether in York or Poole.

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