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Transponder Programming York

Having an additional set of car keys is great because you cannot know the day you will misplace the original ones. The extra set helps when you want to dash to an urgent meeting or appointment yet you cannot seem to locate the original keys from your pocket or office drawer. For those having a transponder chip key special equipment must be used while producing duplicates. Your hardware locksmith might be of great help with house keys and those old car key models that were manufactures before 1990’s, but not with this type of key. Transponder programming technology is what has come to separate a modern locksmith from the traditional one.  

What is a Transponder Chip Key?
The word chip should give you an idea that this type of key operates with software. There are two chips involved here; one inside the key and the other is found in the ignition system. For the car to start the two chips must communicate through signals. They also must be within a certain range with the small battery inside the transponder key sufficiently powered. Needless to say that for the key to work it must fit well in the lock or ignition switch system.

The benefits of transponder chip key technology
Transponder key technology came with outstanding benefits. Statistics show that it reduced car theft cases by 40% during the first year of implementation. However, when replacing a lost transponder key or when getting an addition key expect it to cost and extra dime compared to a standard key.

How are transponder keys developed?
There are some steps to making a new transponder key, and the first one is getting the appropriate blank. Your expert must confirm that the ‘blank’ is well compatible with your car’s security system. Then, the process of cutting will begin just as it is with the standard key when you take to the locksmith for duplication. In this case the cutting must be done to high precision and keenness to detail so that when the key is programmed it will work as expected with the ignition switch.

Why pick us:
There are three options to get an additional transponder key. One is using your dealer and it is very costly. The other is doing it yourself which may be too demanding in terms of having the right knowledge and getting quality tools and materials. But when you choose our locksmith, you get the below benefits:

  • We will come to perform the job anywhere you call us
  • We already a the appropriate blank transponder key for your car brand
  • You will avoid the cost of towing your car when faced with Lost Keys
  • We will handle the job within the shortest time possible, less than 20 minutes or so
  • We are specialists for any key issues including changing locks and offering Replacement Keys solutions.

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