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Broken Car Keys York | Auto Locksmith York

Broken Car Keys York | Auto Locksmith York

You are used to your car keys being okay until you here ‘snap!’ Upon inspection you see yourself holding one end of a broken key while other end is left inside the ignition or car’s lock. What follows is some sort of stress with ‘what now’ questions. Broken Keys will sort you out immediately! 

So is it normal to break your car keys?
To us, that is a common phenomenon because we handle such cases daily. Some of our clients face broken keys at the parking space, others at home, or the office, and others even in the midst of traffic. That is the reason we established a 24-hour emergency department to handle automotive key issues that require special attention. Do not count yourself out, as that is something that can happen to anyone and we can come to sort you out.  

What causes car keys to break?
When plagued with broken car keys, it is normal to develop that sense of wanting to know what really caused it. Well, there is a plethora of reasons and the first is obvious; wear and tear. You cannot underestimate the effects of that frequent insertion and removal of the key because it causes the key to gradually wear down. Nonetheless, that takes time. In some cases, the use of excessive force by the driver is the reason to blame for broken keys. Avoid instances where you turn the keys but you have not slipped them to the required depth. If you realize you are using pressure to turn, it means either you have inserted the key wrongly or the groves have not seated well in the ignition or door lock.

Extracting broken car keys
Staring at your broken piece on hand can be devastating, but do not dwell there. Call our Broken Keys York department for assistance. Our experts in this field will use a tool we call broken key extraction kit. The process should take less than 15 minutes to have the piece out. 

How to repair broken car keys
After the technician has been able to remove the offensive piece that was inside the ignition or lock, you need a new stronger key. The only way to fashion that new key is by first joining the piece in order to master the code. That will then be used to cut a new key by the use of a special key cutter machine, and several copies can be made afterwards. All this will be happening at the location you will have called us. Therefore, you do not have to lift the car to our Auto Locksmith York workshop.

So which is easier, us coming to you, or you transporting the car to the dealer?     

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