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Lost Seat Car Keys

Replacement Seat Keys

Seat Auto LocksmithAs you may know, locksmith services must be provided in accordance with laws of the land. That is why as a locksmith company we are licensed. In addition to that our technicians must be CRB approved, which they already. Likewise in Poole, rules obligate us to confirm you as the rightful owner of your Seat car before actually making you new keys that will replace the lost ones. However, the process is not as complicated as it sounds, all we need is:

  • Your ID that shows name, address and photos of you
  • The registration number of your Seat
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), this one you can get from the logbook, or V5 but it should not stress you we can get it from the dealer for you.

That is all!

Another important info you need to relay to your auto locksmith Seat experts when you need lost or damaged keys service is where you are. But if you are in new in our location and was just driving across the areas of Arne, Broadstone, Holton Health, Lytchett Minster or Parstone you can ask anyone trustworthy around to know the postcode of the area you are. Then, you don’t have to locate us, it is we who will come to you.

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