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Lost Vauxhall Car Keys

Replacement Vauxhall Keys

Vauxhall Auto LocksmithFrom the onset of 1995, all Vauxhaull keys have chips or what you will often hear locksmiths call a transponder, embedded inside the key memory. The type of chip used by then was known as T5 chip, and was philips-fixed code type 33. But technology has advanced with cars now using ECU (computer). With this, your Vauxhall cannot be ‘hot-wired, once you have lost the keys, you need new ones to operate the car.

Keys locked inside
With this technology, Vauxhall cars have a mechanism where the vehicle locks itself after the elapse of one minute. So what happens when that occurs to you? You don’t break the windows because; replacing a new window is much expensive. What you do is call our auto locksmith Vauxhall office and technicians that can open your car will be dispatched to your location with immediate effect. 

When doing replacement
It is obvious that the locksmith you want to use when getting copies of your Vauxhall car keys ought to understand the current technology that is employed to cars. Ideally, duplication of the keys is straight and will take less minutes, what might take 15 or so minutes is when we will be creating you a set of new keys to replace what you’ve lost.

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